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Related post: BASTUS VON HoHENHEIM.] Gevviirdigt in der zur Feyer des Geburtsfestes seiner Majestat des Kaisers Ale.xander des Buy Cheap Theophylline Ersten, Selbstherrschers aller Reussen, etc., am 12 December, 1820, gehaltenen Hauptversammlung der phar- maceutischen Gesellschaft zu St. Petersburg von dem Director derselben. All. nord. Ann. Chem., vol. vi, pp. 243-296, 182 1. *Aberle, Karl. Theophrastus Paracelsus und dessen Ueberreste in Salzburg. Salzburg, 1878. 8vo. (Sonder-Abdruck aus den im Selbstverlage der Gesellschaft fiir Salzburger Landeskunde erschien- enen Mittheilungen. xviii Band, 11 Heft. pp. 186-247.) With an engraving of the skull of Paracelsus. Generic Theophylline *Grab-Denkmal, Schadel und Abbildungen des Theophrastus Para- celsus. Beitriige zur genaueren Kenntniss derselben. Mittheil- ungen der Gesellschaft fiir Salzburger Landeskunde, xxvii Ver- einsjahr, 18S7. Heft i. Salzburg, n. d. pp. 74, 8vo. With eight portraits and engraving of monument. The author shows that the very numerous extant portraits (engravings) of Paracelsus may Buy Theophylline Online be referred to four types. The portrait attached to the monument erected to Paracelsus in the church of St. Sebastian is of Paracelsus' Father ; this is established by oil paintings of both preserved in Salzbure. SECTION IV. BIOGRAPHY. 229 Paracelsus. [Cont'd.] Amberg, Friedrich. Zur Geschichte des Theophrastus Paracelsus. Historische Darstellung der historischen Gesellschaft in Jena, v, pp. 139-200. *Dalton, John C. Galen and Paracelsus. [Reprinted from the N. Y. Medical Journal, May, 1873.] New York, 1873. pp. 29, 8vo. * Ferguson, John. Bibliographia Paracelsica, an examination of Dr. Friedrich Mook's " Theophrastus Paracelsus. Eine kritische Studie." Privately printed. Glasgow. Two parts, 1877 and 1885. Part I, pp. 40 ; Part 11, pp. Order Theophylline 54, 8vo. Criticises Mook's Essay, and adds to his bibliography. Gleichmann. Historische Nachrichten von Theoph. Paracelsus ab Hohenheim. Jena und Leipzig, 1732. 8vo. * Hartmann, Franz. The Life of Philippus Theophrastus Bombast of Hohenheim, known by the name of Paracelsus, and the substance of his Order Theophylline Online teachings concerning cosmology, anthropology, pneumatol- ogy, magic and sorcery, medicine, alchemy and astrology, philoso- phy and theosophy, extracted and translated from his Purchase Theophylline Online rare Buy Theophylline and extensive works and from some unpublished manuscripts. London, 1S87. pp. xiii-220, 8vo. The scope of this work is indicated in its title. It contains a bibliography of Paracelsus and an Explanation of Terms occurring in his writings. The author affects a mystical treatment of the subject. * Hering, Constantine. Catalogue of a very rare and curious collec- tion of the different editions of the works of Theophrastus Bom- bastus Paracelsus, together with several hundred commentaries and translations collected during fifty years by Constantine Hering. Philadelphia, 1881. pp. 20, 8vo. This catalogue, which is quite imperfect bibliographically, contains 189 titles, some of which however have little to do with Paracelsus and his doctrines. The collection is now preserved in the Homoeopathic Medi- cal College, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jorg, Leonhard. Die Naturwissenschaft des Paracelsus, Programm der K. Studienanstalt zu Landau am Schlusse des Studienjahres 18S1-82. Landau, 1882. pp. 30, 8vo. *Lessing, Michael Benedict. Paracelsus, sein Leben und Denken. Drei Biicher. Berlin, 1839. pp. xvi-250, 8vo. Portrait. Locher, Hans. Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim der Luther der Medicin und unser grosster Schweizerarzt. Eine Denkschrift auf die Feier des Ziiricher Jubilarfestes vom i. Mai, 1851, und ein Beitrag zur Wiirdigung vaterlandischer Verdienste in jedem gebilde- ten Kreise. Zurich, 1S51. pp. vi-68, 8vo. Portrait. 230 BIBLIOGRAPHY OF CHEMISTRY. Paracelsus. [Cont'd.] Marx, Karl Friedrich Heinrich. Zur Wiirdigung des Theophrastus von Hohenheim. Gottingen, 1842. pp. 140, 4tp. *MooK, Friedrich. Theophrastus Paracelsus. Eine kritische Studie. Wtirzburg, 1876. pp. [vi]-i36, 4to. Contains a bibliography of 276 titles. St'e, under Paracelsus, Ferguson, John, Purchase Theophylline also Rohlfs, H., <:�(/ Schubert, E. PoissoN, Albert. Notice biographique sur Paracelse. See in Section VI. RiTTMANN, A. Das reformirte Deutschland und sein Paracelsus. Als viertes Heft der culturgeschichtlichen Abhandlungen iiber die Reformation der Heilkunst. Wien, 1875. pp. 57, 8vo. A study of Paracelsus' contributions to medical art. Rohlfs, Heinrich. Mooks' Theophrastus Paracelsus, eine kritische Studie. In Deutsches Archiv fiir Geschichte der Medicin und Medicinischen Geographie, 5. Jahrgang. Leipzig, 1882. p. 213 et seq, Svo. 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